Thursday, October 27, 2016

Denny's exceptional social media?

Denny's, the 24/7 dinner is using social media in the most hilarious way, and it is effective. They are creating a very unique voice for there company to use in social media. That voice is a weird quirky offbeat, and it is working in there favor. Utilizing all form of major social media having a large following on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the one I hear the most about, Tumblr. The way I think they are so effective is the content they put out, across all the sites carries the same voice. Though sometimes they just recycle content they generally do a great job of customizing for the platform they are using. On top of putting out fresh, fun content constantly, they also don't bombard there followers with right hook after right hook. Often hiding there right hook amongst there funny quirky humor. I also think they do a great job of communicating and listening to their followers.  Though there is stuff they can be doing better the main ones I see are things like never putting there logo on any photos, out of context they might be hard to recognize as Denny's photos. They also have a problem with hashtags, on Tumblr they use too many hashtags, but on twitter they don't use any. Even with those problems they are still using social media extremely effectively.

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